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Smackalicious Hot Sauce Nutrition Facts

bloveslife Smackalicious Hot Sauce Dec 29, 2022
smackalicious hot sauce nutrition facts you need to know


What’s up my Bloveleez? First, I want to thank all y’all for trying my Smackalicious Hot Sauces. Your support means the world to my family, and we appreciate you! Some of you have been writing to me asking about the nutrition facts for my Hot Sauces. You can find the stats on my website in the frequently asked questions section, but I wanted to put a blog out there with the info you need!

All of my hot sauces, Slappin’, Hectic, and Danger have the exact same nutrition facts even though the heat levels are different. Like most every other hot sauce, you won’t find calories, carbs or fat in my Hot Sauces.

By the teaspoon, my Smackalicious Hot Sauces have 55 mg of sodium. For some of y’all who were concerned that the sodium levels were higher than other brands, compare these numbers with these other brands, also by the teaspoon:

Tapatio: 110 mg sodium

Frank’s Red Hot Original: 190 mg sodium

Sriracha Original: 75 mg sodium

Cholula Original: 110 mg sodium

El Yucateco Chile Habanero: 100 mg sodium

Louisiana Hot Sauce Original: 200 mg sodium

There are probably some hot sauces out there with less sodium, but considering hot sauce is a spice so no brand will be sodium-free, our flavors are doing pretty well with the sodium levels. If your doctor doesn’t allow you to have sodium at all, you should definitely stay away from hot sauces.

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