Bethany Gaskin

What's Up My Bloveleez?

Smackalicious Sauce Mix Mild, Spicy, Garlic Smackalicious Hot Sauce

The flavor that brings the family together

Bethany Gaskin

What started as making cooking videos in her family kitchen turned Bethany Gaskin into a mukbang YouTube sensation and foodie lifestyle that has earned her national attention, millions of followers, celebrity endorsements, and an impactful influence that encourages family, faith, and good food.

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Food is the ingredient that binds us together

Whether for nourishment, companionship, or entertainment, food has a powerful place in all of our lives. You’re in the right place if you:

  • Have watched Bloveslife YouTube videos and want to try the sauce for yourself
  • Crave delicious, flavorful foods
  • Want to have fun in the kitchen preparing meals with family
  • Want a new way to enjoy your favorite proteins and vegetables
  • Are a foodie who loves to try different foods and spices

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Mix Seasonings Sauce

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Order now on to purchase Smackalicious Hot Sauce Mixes. The flavors are available in the Mild, Garlic, and spicy Smackalicious sauce.

Bloveslife Hot Sauce

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Shop the Smackalicious Hot Sauces in three heat levels: Slappin, Hectic, and Danger.

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Bloveslife puts a fun twist on food

Encourages healthy eating habits

Bloveslife’s YouTube channel is a mukbang cooking experience featuring meal preparation tips and the pure enjoyment of eating.

Healty Eating

Supports family time

Families are always on the go. Bloveslife encourages you to enjoy meals as a family and acknowledge your many blessings together.

Mukbang Sauce

Inspires new recipe ideas

Bloveslife is a place for recipe ideas, innovative products, and recapturing the joy of cooking based on your taste preferences.

Hot Sauce Spices


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Don’t miss out on the flavor.

Join the family for our recipes, tips, contests, and updates!