Everything Smackalicious

In addition to our Mild and Spicy combo: {From sweet and mildly spicy to Flavorfull intense heat; get the best of both extremes with this combination of our Mild and Spice Smacaklicious sauce mixes and Hect and Danger Hot Sauces. Excite your families taste buds at your next meal and see why we say its the flavor that brings the family together. Use the sauce mixes to make a great dipping sauce for your favorite veggies, meats, and of course seafood or skip the sauce and season your meats for the grill, oven or air fryer. Spice of your fried wings or fish with our Hectic and Danger hot sauces. You get all four in this combo!} Get our Garlic Smackalicious Sauce Mix and our Slappin’ Hot Sauce for those who like a lot of flavor and just a little spice.

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